Much of what makes it possible for us to be intimate with each other is our understanding and experience in spiritual matters. In this series I describe the elements of spirituality which enable us to be intimate: uncovering our common root, learning to be different, laughter, the powers of faithfulness and more. The classes were delivered at Sulam Yaákov in Jerusalem in 5771.  


Class One - A Common Root

The knowing of One G-d is actually what enables us to be intimate with each other. In this class we explore how accessing our common beginning empowers us to connect to each other.

Class Two - Standing in Wonder

Wonder and openness, asking questions without expecting final answers, staying dynamically “on the way” are all characteristics of the seekers of the Divine, and of love. In this class we explore these in spiritual life and in relationship.

Class Three - On Chein and Details

Surprise at the wonder of life, awakening to the uniqueness of another human being, laughter of joy and wonder...all these are crucial for the emergence of love. But this laughter at the unexpected and wondrous can also be a demeaning laughter which questions worth and leads to compulsion and anxiety. In this class we follow Avram's shift into a lover and his discovery of his son – “his unique  on” – Yitzchak and explore the dangers – expressed through Eisav – we face on the way.

Class Four - Laughter of Love

One power of connection is called “chein.” Chein includes care, charisma, personal connectivity, charm and the vitality and passion which makes relationship alive. In this class we explore where it comes from and how it defines the difference between who is capable of relationship and who is not.