Ten Lights of Love

Ten Orbs of Love
The kabbala is the deepest, wisest, kindest and most ancient guide to love we have. It offers practical tools for healing the wounds that block us and expanding our conciousness to include and attract our destined, human partner in love.
If you suffer from loneliness, alienation or emotional numbness, if you would like to grow to become a more loving, divinely connected, joyous and enlightened human being and want to gain the lasting insights of an ancient tradition to get there, then this course is for you.
Powerfully combining teaching with specially-designed music, focused meditations and chants, this course will touch all levels of your life and awaken your loving powers.
This course will empower you to:
  • Open your awareness to what is shared by all
  • Discover the unique identity that sets you apart
  • Open you heart fearlessly and lovingly
  • Discover the secret of inner wealth and how it grounds your openness to another
  • Arrive at intimacy
This program includes: 
  • Ten classes of one hour teachings - watch video sample
  • Original music played by Rav Daniel to help you achieve each level
  • Meditations that connect your work to the Divine Will seeing expression through you -  listen to an audio sample
  • Exercises to open you to love

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