Melodies of Divine Contemplation

Melodies of Divine Contemplation Album Cover
Rav Daniel is an accomplished and exciting clarinet player who fuses traditional spiritual music with wide open improvisations and classical depth. He has recorded multiple albums, including Melodies of Divine Contemplation, a powerful mix of music and guided meditation. You can read a description or listen to David's Song, one of the tracks from the album, below. 
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David's Song

In this Psalm, number 23, King David gifted us with the most profound and beautiful description of a life of de'veikut and unconditional love of God.
At all times, in every place and in all circumstances David knows he is guided and led by Him, supported and cared for... “He walks me on calm waters...I will dwell in His house for a long time”, always and wherever I go.
This original niggun, the only one we sing together, celebrates the richness of many voices in life. It is filled with joy and confidence that indeed the day will come when all of God's creatures will sing together in a harmonious chorus of peace and true kinship.

May that day come soon!