About Rav Daniel

Rav Daniel Kohn

Daniel Kohn is the Rabbi of Bat Ayin, a Hassidic village in the Judean mountains of Israel. Over the past 20 years he has developed and taught a new path for personal and spiritual renewal, rooted in the Kabbalah. A graduate of Columbia University in New York, Rabbi Daniel spent years in Israel studying deeply the esoteric texts of his tradition. As a community Rabbi and widespread teacher and facilitator, he developed profound and unique tools for personal growth and evolution and has been highly successful as a facilitator of profound spiritual change in people who take his seminars and workshops around Israel and in South Africa . In the last few years he has become well known in Israel as a partner in an institute dedicated to personal and spiritual growth and which, among other programs, runs teacher trainings for the Israel Ministry of Education. Of late, he has opened accesses to these teachings and practices to people of other faiths, speaking in the Galilee to tens of world leaders of the world's major religions, and will deliver a paper in Morocco, this year, celebrating the diversity and shared elements of world mystic and spiritual traditions.
Rabbi Daniel is also an accomplished and exciting clarinet player who fuses traditional spiritual music with wide open improvisations and classical depth.


“It is not easy for me to put into words the significance of my learning with Rav Daniel. The practices and processes he facilitated have changed me forever, transforming my relationship with God into something far more profound and newly pleasurable and impacting wonderfully on my personal life and my relationships. As a clinical psychologist of more than 30 years, I am always seeking new methods to help others, to change their behavior and develop their characteristics to be more healthy and wholesome. I discovered in Rav Daniel a true teacher of a powerful spiritual path to create change for the better in the human personality. When I met Rav Daniel, my inner life was like an unborn potential. Through learning and spiritual work I have come to a new level of relationship with myself, my family, and God.”
- Dr. Joel Comet
“The primary gift I have received from Rav Daniel is a shift to a posture of listening. Through meditative and self-awareness practices. Through conscious cultivation of compassion and practice of formal listening skills, my ability to hear and articulate my feelings, values and desires has blossomed. I have brought this level of awareness to my family life. A profound opening in my ability to hear the soft voice behind the words of the Bible has deepened my understanding in learning and strengthened my relationship to God. But the most dramatic impact of Rav Daniel’s teachings has been on my ability to pray. A quality of passionate relationship, joy and growth has entered into a space that was previously built on duty, routine. The great blessing is that my renewed relationship with authentic prayer has expanded my heart as a vessel for light, and for the family and personal relationships I value most.”
- Rabbi Michael Feuer
“I highly recommend Rav Daniel Kohn as one of the most impactful and profound teachers I have ever known. His teachings are grounded and practical, full of the most fascinating content, and bring an expansive and uplifting consciousness to his students. His unique mingling of playfulness and depth make learning with him a truly transformative experience of the highest order.” 
- Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz
“Rav Daniel has enlightened my service of God and brought enormous depth to my prayer. More than anything, he has strengthened my belief in a God Who believes in me, loves me, and Who 'desires my desire' for closeness.”
- Sara Evian